A place where we swim with our kids, admire views, a place where we grew up, our backyard, our home. We hear about these freak storms on t.v, while we’re sitting comfortably in our homes & we empathise as we shake our heads feeling so sorry for ‘those poor people’, while quietly thanking our lucky stars that we live in a country where we are immune to such destruction. Sadly, for so many the events of the past week-end changed this forever.

Looking around, the beaches & the houses many admired for their beachfront presence are now dilapidated wrecks tossed around like a tumble dryer, that we call mother nature. It’s devastation for so many, homes lost, hearts broken, so hard to sit back & watch, let alone be living such a nightmare.

Managing a large rent roll of properties right across much of the Northern Beaches, we have been inundated, answering so many calls for help, where we have had staff on around the clock assisting, pushing everyone to their limits…it has not been an easy week by any accounts however our hearts truly do go out to those who have lost everything. It’s hard enough to see, let alone be living through.

Our doors are open to anyone who needs our services, customers & non customers – we will assist you in every capacity we can…free coffees, drinks, wifi, printers, computer services & hugs.

Please call us on 8978 6888 24/7 or my personal mobile number is 0421 111 111.

We wish everyone much strength through this very difficult time…

Very best wishes

Mark Novak

The Goss!
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