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A little about me

The incredible Gorana…this sensational asset to the Novak Properties team encompasses a wealth of experience in a diverse range of areas, all which deserve notable mentions.

With a background in various sales roles, Gorana has worked as a P.A, worked for export & import companies, major mining companies & even run her own business at the very well known Chooks on the Beach in Collaroy. This broad range of experience together with a love for all aspects of property has enabled an effortless transition into real estate, where Gorana’s extremely important position of Sales Support sees all of her experiences truly come to light.

A more organised, reliable & ambitious lady would be hard to find, where multitasking even the most complicated of tasks is made to look easy…a Mum to two boys and two girls is just another job Gorana juggles with the effortless, vivacious nature that truly comes naturally to this incredible woman.

Here’s some other interesting facts you might like to know about Gorana.


Travelling the world and seeing amazing sites and different cultures. Having children and enjoying motherhood, swimming with dolphins & enjoying being fit!


Very pedantic!!!


Not sure about talents, but I spend a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting new dishes and tastes. I love creating something new, love to sew and knitting (it’s very therapeutic for me& relaxing). I do go for a long walks through the beautiful area and beaches where I live.




822 Pittwater Road, Dee Why
NSW 2099

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