New Client Services Support

A little about me

Tenzin is extremely customer service focused, having a strong retail background with property & real estate always being a lifelong passion.

Commuting face to face with a plethora of new customers and being at their service is what Tenzin truly enjoys, evident in his role as New Client Services Support which sees him asking all tenants finding their new homes, processing rental applications & assisting in a wealth of property management & leasing areas.

Tenzin’s helpful, caring nature & talents in customer service certainly see him flourish in this role.

Here are some more interesting facts you might like to learn about ………..


Best worldly experience would have to be India. I spent quality time alone with my Dad visiting ancient Buddhist temples and being able to taste the delicious foods, in particular the street foods, definitely earns the stripes! 


An impulse buyer! I tend to buy alot of things I hardly use & I’m also a neat freak 


Not sure if it’s considered a talent but I’m able to give good advice and always happy to help people in need.



822 Pittwater Road, Dee Why
NSW 2099