Behind the suits, sports cars & ability to sell absolutely anything with four walls lies 25 years of extensive knowledge on all things real estate. Mark Novak was just 23 years of age when he opened his very own real estate agency, Novak Properties, now one of the most successful real estate agencies in Sydney. At just 20 he was awarded Salesperson of the Year & his success has grown from strength to strength where he now employs some 40+ staff, manages over 1500 properties & achieves record breaking results across a spectrum of residential, commercial & off the plan real estate.


Catching Mark for a quick chat, we delved into his inner psyche asking him to reveal all he has learnt in his 25 years in this roller coaster industry of real estate….


Allow us to share with you all Mark revealed:

  • – I have learned that the people who have made the most amount of money in property have bought property & never sold it – that seems to be a deep rooted habit amongst successful real estate investors
  • – The most successful property investors have done small, gradual property purchasing
  • – I’ve learnt that real estate agents that truly work hard & are always honest in their approach, do well
  • – There are always cynical people where real estate is concerned, if you look for them
  • – I know that the fundamental principal of buying real estate close to transport, the CBD & close to water being beaches & harbour, worldwide in any country, being in any city around the world, will hold strong value.
  • – In 25 years of real estate I have never had a problem renting out property – it is a myth
  • – I’ve learned that paying the best people to do what they are great at pays its way a million times over!
  • – The Northern Beaches is consistently strong in terms of property growth, that I know
  • – Whether you buy a house or an apartment – you cannot go wrong
  • – There are definite benefits in the barriers of entry & exit with property – it’s not easy to get in & not easy to get out, this creates a volatile environment for capital growth
  • – Property bubbles are irrelevant when buying real estate long term. They are only relevant if you are buying & selling just a number of years apart, which is not advisable in property.
  • – Property is a great asset for building future fortunes
  • – The person who waited for property to go down is now 101
  • – Invest!!! Buy anything & everything as long as it is on a train line suburb
  • – Everyone loves a property prediction so here’s mine – I predict that due to the infrastructure upgrades in Dee Why together with the lack of capital growth compared to other train line suburbs in Sydney – Dee Why (on Sydney’s Northern Beaches) will have a massive uplift in capital growth. Watch this space…..remember I said this


If you would like any more information or to have a chat over a coffee (the best one you’ll ever have – freshly made by Novak Properties’ in house barista, Anthony) please call Novak Properties sales 24/7 on 8978 6888 or Mark Novak directly on 0421 111 111.


For now sit back, relax & enjoy this week’s read…..

The Goss!
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