Real estate agencies these days look more like a mix between art galleries & uber chic cafes. Gone are the days where one could walk by a window & look at sun damaged images of properties that had been advertised well past their expiry date, with hand written sold stickers randomly placed!

16 years ago when I started Novak Properties, then known as The Novak Agency, we opened the business out of a well-known pie shop, Shephard’s Pies, later taking over the kebab shop adjoining. We swung open our doors with our enormous, glass, corner position frontage whereby hundreds of thousands of cars & pedestrians would go by each week, yet there was not a property in the window to be found. Back then we had a huge projector instead that showcased a barrage of images, most completely unrelated to the industry, simply to grab people’s attention & to try to alter the mundane stereotypical real estate agencies we competed against.

Plush arm chairs around coffee tables, a sleek 4 metre reception desk, word walls & secluded offices – our headquarters resembled the lobby of a hotel, certainly not a real estate agency! The truth is, not everyone embraced this change, in fact daily people would ask why we didn’t have our properties displayed in the window!

And, so the years have rolled on……we now have in house baristas making coffee & delicious hot drinks for all, glitzy headquarters & even a 6 tonne shark tank! Most real estate agencies now don’t look like real estate offices & you’re almost barbaric if you display properties in your window as it’s seen as old fashioned & stale compared to our ‘welcome to our home’ approach, where we want to sit down with you over a freshly made macchiato & discuss your needs with you – a far more personable approach.

In our endless endeavour to always have an extreme point of difference & thanks to our continual expansion, we are very excited to invite you to be a part of our latest revolution. Shortly we will be unveiling our new customer care lounge to be located at 822 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why (corner of Delmar Pde). This Apple style building with its 6.5 metre glass, corner frontage sits prominently at the gateway to Dee Why & is about to change the face of your real experience. Our bespoke 6 metre marble antipasto bar with its overhanging 2 metre high chandelier doubles as the old fashioned reception area where you’ll be welcomed by our baristas with the coffee, milkshake or drink of choice & a little something to eat, of course.…. Lush lounges & practical café areas have been designed taking everything into account set to make this an experience unlike any other. Real estate is such a memorable part of our lives, so we wanted to create a fitting environment. We are so excited to welcome you into our new home & will notify you over the coming week or so as to our exact relocation date.

Finally, I would like to end by thanking all of you for making our journey possible. A business can only excel & expand as a result of those who support & believe in us & my gratitude to you is endless, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. I look forward to welcoming you & chatting to you over a drink very, very soon.

Warmest wishes

Mark Novak

The Goss!
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