It’s rare these days that anywhere you can acquire property for much less than a figure strutting six zeros, so when we present to you a fantastic investment starting from just $115,000, we understand if you start scrolling to the bottom to read the fine print, of which there is NONE!

We have a brilliant opportunity for investors, tradespeople & anyone with money in their super & it’s called The Vault. Allow us to break this investment down for you into three categories:

SUPER STORAGE FOR SUPER HEROES – tradespeople or anyone looking for more space!

Because you know she’ll never embrace turning the house into a cosy home for your toys & tools.

The ultimate storage facility, this is an opportunity for those to purchase who understand that a happy wife means a happy life. The Vault storage offers the perfect space to create your very own shrine with the most impressive storage units on the Northern Beaches. Boasting five metre high ceilings and offering various sizes from 100 cubic metres up to a generous 300 cubic metres. One peek inside and you’ll wonder why anyone would want to limit themselves to the garage at home. There’s truckloads of space for tools, toys, super hero vehicles, building materials and beyond. Not to mention pool tables, bar fridges and hobbies. In fact, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. You could even get creative and design your very own mega man cave.
These super-sized storage units also have you well covered on the security front, with CCTV surveillance, security access and a state-of-the-art alarm system. Plus the spaces are internet ready and above all, they offer a high clearance for your monster truck or monster party. You can even build a mezzanine level to expand the experience.

With space becoming a true luxury, storage units have become a highly sought after investment. Because as more Australians settle for smaller, more affordable homes, they are forced to compromise on space.

The Vault storage units are an incredible investment, offering units from 100 cubic metres to a generous 300 cubic metres, they possess 5 metre high ceilings, offering enough room for a mezzanine level. These storage units will certainly provide a very attractive rental yield of around $125/week & upwards, giving you the potential to earn a solid 6% return. With the popularity of storage facilities predicted to continue to rise, there’s plenty of scope for healthy capital gains down the track.
Another great benefit here for investors is that it’s extremely low maintenance & hassle-free investing. Simply buy & watch the returns come in. Unlike buying a small investment unit, there’s no need to concern yourself with things like new carpet, paint jobs, fixtures & fittings or breakdown of amenities like dishwashers, electrical & the list goes on.
These are a great addition to your investment portfolio & like any style of property they will increase in price.

SUPER ASSET FOR SUPER HEROES – a solid way to invest your Super.
Like many Australians, you may have all your retirement savings sitting in a managed fund with your fingers crossed in the hope that everything will be just fine. Imagine an affordable bricks & mortar investment with great returns that’s easier to understand & even easier to manage.
The Vault can turn you into a property owner overnight in this thriving market. If you have a SMSF, all you require is $115,000 in your super fund & you can own a piece of Australia. And it’s even possible to borrow within the existing SMSF structure to take advantage of the booming industry.*
The best part about this is that your SMSF investment may receive substantial ongoing tax benefits if it’s SMSF owned. And if you decide to sell your storage unit with today’s super benefits, the property offers you the advantage of being capital gains free when you have met a condition of release or you are drawing a pension from your SMSF entity.
This is a great opportunity to take the screws off your super money & enjoy the benefits of owning real bricks & mortar.

*Always seek independant financial advice from a qualified SMSF specialist as this can be a complex topic with substantial penalties payable if you don’t comply with SMSF rules.

The Vault offers state of the art storage with Wifi capabilities.

We urge you to get in early to purchase & get your pick of the bunch, this is a solid investment opportunity & certainly will not last.

Please contact me personally for more information on this fantastic investment that I strongly stand behind – 0421 111 111.

The Goss!
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