HOW DOES $471, 000 SOUND?

We all love a success story particularly when a good chunk of money is involved. Under the hammer last Wednesday night our vendors made a profit, in only 9 months of $471,000! What did they do for it??? NOTHING.

We’re super excited to share this incredible story with you.

Our vendors purchased, wait for it…….a brand new OFF THE PLAN 2 bedroom, top floor unit in Sturdee Pde in Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, just 9 months ago, for $889,000. Last week at our red carpet in-house auction night at Novak Properties headquarters this same property sold under the hammer for a profit of $471,000!!!

The property had NOTHING DONE TO IT….

The bottom line – great buying & great selling as a result of an exceptional campaign…outstanding photos & video, immaculate presentation, incredible marketing & a fantastic team behind this hugely successful campaign.

The 2 bidders on the night were both buyers from our exclusive Sunday open home.

Here’s what we can tell you – BUYING OFF THE PLAN IS GOLD! We have some incredible off the plan properties currently for sale. Let us make you some $$$$$, we are experts at it.

Please call us, stop procrastinating & start making some money.

Finally, last week’s auction night at Novak Properties was a raging success. 6 properties sold just prior, 3 under the hammer & 1 just after….Please join us for our next red carpet auction night on Wednesday 7 June at 6pm for a 630pm start for food, beverages & an action packed night!

For now sit back, relax & enjoy this weeks property picks.


The Goss!
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HOW DOES $471, 000 SOUND?