Would you give your bag of cash to someone you didn’t know or had never even heard of, or met, OR someone who had only been in the industry for a matter of months?
If you answered no, we’d like you to think for a moment who manages your investment property.
Is your property being managed by someone different continuously??
Is your Property Manager taking the BEST care of your investment & making you money?

Here’s the facts about Novak Properties
| We only employ SENIOR PROPERTY MANAGERS, that have been in the industry for YEARS & YEARS
| Our SENIOR PROPERTY MANAGERS have been with our company for a minimum of 7 years

Brooke Goosen – Brooke has been with Novak Properties for 7 years. She possesses in-depth knowledge of real estate, pooled with a natural attribute to be caring, compassionate and extremely helpful. Brooke manages a diverse portfolio of properties with exceptional professionalism and brilliant customer service skills.

Cleo Whithear – Cleo has 10 years Property Management, 8 of those years right here under the Novak Properties brand where she puts her heart & soul into running a large number of diverse properties. Cleo trains and mentors the Property Management team, she knows the value of a good tenant, clear communication and is a master at ensuring that your investment is making you money!

Branka Stankovic – Branka has a strategic role managing our entire Property Management department and is an extroadinary asset to our business. Branka has been with the company 10 years and combines management, accounting and customer service in perfect unison to best service our lovely landlords and tenants.

If you are unhappy with your current Property Manager, we will switch you over to Novak Properties immediately & COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.

Yes, we will pay any take over expenses & will arrange the collection of files & keys for you, you won’t need to do a thing!

We manage over 1500 properties for a reason. Our systems & processes are seamless & we have a completely dedicated leasing team who source tenants & process applications to find you a tenant at lightning speed, allowing your Property Manager to focus on your biggest asset!

READY TO SWITCH? CALL US 24/7 8978 6888
But for now, sit back & enjoy our incredible picks of the week…. from all of us at Novak Properties.

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