Awarded the most INNOVATIVE agency in the country!

There’s no doubt, the property market is correcting itself & returning back to its normal levels, this is the trend & nothing has changed in 40+ years…
If you want your property sold or leased in this current market for a great price in the least amount of time, IT’S ALL ABOUT STRATEGY!!!

We have certainly always prided ourselves on our ‘outside of the square’ thinking & pioneering in a market that has been somewhat dull & mundane & we couldn’t be prouder that last Thursday evening we were recognised for our efforts, awarded THE MOST INNOVATIVE AGENCY OF THE YEAR 2018 at The Real Estate Business Awards held at The Star Casino.


Innovation is our ethos whereby the convenience factor together with the human touch experience resulted in the creation of an office that radiates both!

Many of you will know, last year we introduced our ‘Novak Properties Customer Lounge’ a little over a year ago with six-star luxe features such as a:
– 6 metre Customer Anti Pasto Bar
– Homemade biscuits baked daily by Grandma Novak
– Full time Barista (yes there is coffee!)
– 10 metre LED billboard showcasing our latest listings
– And a 3 metre crystal chandelier & indoor garden

Awarded not only for our coffee and our technology, but also for the convenience of our operating hours from 8am – 8pm, anytime open homes, drive through services including key drop off & pick up, easy to use apps for our business for property management portals including maintenance& repair requests, 24/7 on line chat with a real person, 1 hour turn around for rental applications, literally being contactable 24/7, virtual reality tours for properties, a 3 minute appraisal VIA SMS (yes it’s true!), endless services all under the one roof – residential + commercial sales, leasing & property management together with off the plan & developments & the list goes on & on.

As a valued landlord have you popped in to the customer lounge to keep abreast of the market? Did you know that investors can put on virtual reality goggles to get a true sense of off the plan apartments?

Check out our latest ‘Off The Plan’ projects here

We wear these accolades with much pride & honour. Thank you for all your support and we will always endeavour to provide the very best.

Awarded Agency
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Awarded the most INNOVATIVE agency in the country!