Senior Property Manager

A little about me

You’ll know the moment you meet Brooke.

Brooke’s quirky magnetism & exceptional professionalism is captivating & real. A true attribute to our office, no two days are the same with Brooke in tow, with an extensive collection of customer service skills, where her abounding skills are brought to light in her daily dealings with clients.

Brooke has a spark & a vivacity that truly shines through her working hours at Novak Properties, as she is a more than perfect fit in her role as Senior Property Manager.

Her 7 years of service here at Novak Properties combined with her in-depth knowledge in various aspects of real estate pooled with a natural attribute to be caring, compassionate, thoughtful & exceptionally helpful, will wholeheartedly serve anyone crossing her path. It’s impossible to not have a great day when dealing with Brooke!

Here’s some other interesting facts you might like to know about Brooke:


Being proposed to whilst on a holiday in the Pacific Islands by my now Fiancé. Also having my soon to be step daughter witness & be involved in the entire thing! Best moment of my life!


I find it hard to say no to people + I have a serious shopping addiction when it comes to anything girly! Perfume, makeup, clothes & shoes!!(I want it all!!)


I love being creative! Especially when it comes to baking! My specialty is novelty cakes. [yum! Lucky us!!!]
I’m a good swimmer as well! Growing up I was in swimming training Monday- Friday every morning at 5:30am!! I love all watersports!!!