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Crikey! Introducing Jarrad – a Northern Beaches local, he lives and breathes the ocean & all things Real Estate. Jarrad has always been passionate about all aspects of property, which led him to become a landlord at a very early age.

With 9 years experience as a professional Pearl Diver in North West Australia, Jarrad was fortunate to work only 3 to 4 months a year. Mind you this wasn’t by lack of hard work…. the lifestyle of living at sea & spending 11-hour days underwater – in the middle of the ocean – dodging sharks, crocodiles and anything else that showed up was highly risky & dangerous. Jarrad proved himself cool under pressure and enjoyed taking on new challenges.

In his spare time out of the water, the risk taking paid off as he chanced procuring & running his very own Real Estate Portfolio – with no experience and the lessons learned were invaluable.

Another stand out job for Jarrad was as a crocodile feeder and egg catcher in the Northern Territory. Struth! Yes you are reading this correctly!! Lessons in that environment are learned QUICKLY for example the importance of keeping your hands away when feeding a croc, and ensuring there are at least 3 spotters watching out when collecting croc eggs!!!

Time spent at sea was not sustainable and Jarrad returned right here (thankfully with all his limbs), to the best part of Australia, the Northern Beaches!

Jarrad also has an extensive background in construction, working on several development projects ranging from working onsite through to running DA’s. Highly adaptable, intelligent and reliable, Jarrad joins the Novak family as part of the Commercial team where he is 100% focused on providing a seamless service to our clients, no matter how tricky the situation!

Here are some more interesting facts you might like to learn about Jarrad.


A 6 month round the world trip with 6 of my best friends (and surviving), and living in Thailand for a year competing in Kickboxing to earn a living (and surviving that too… just!).


Not sleeping enough, up at 4am every day. Reading too much on all sorts of topics.


Real Estate, kickboxing, motor-cross racing, surfing and a strong desire to learn about everything!

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