A little about me

Milos, our true blue Serbian, has lived in Dee Why his entire life.

Bred Northern Beaches, his passion for working in real estate was apparent from a very young age, where this young gun knew exactly which way his life path should head. We feel honoured to be assisting him with his dreams & visions, as his natural ‘people pleasing’ abilities, devotion to learning, enthusiasm to embrace his chosen career path & culmination of learnings to date truly set the scene here for success.

Working in alongside Jack Tsao, Milos has a very important role within our accounts department where he has worked for some 5 years. This young man has all the key ingredients for accomplishing all he sets his mind to & won’t stop to reflect ‘til he gets there. Honourable & trustworthiness are certainly 2 of his many claims to fame.

Should you be fortunate enough to have dealings with him, we’re certain you’ll say the same!

Here’s some other interesting facts you might like to know about Milos.


Best worldly experience for me personally, would definitely have to be the dance tour I did in 2013 with a group of friends from St Sava Ensemble. We visited a huge amount of different places in Serbia performing at each venue & we were even televised for a few!


My worst habit? Staying up too late & never getting enough sleep! [Sssshhhhh Milos…..we NEVER sleep!]


I’m sure I have 1 or 2 around here somewhere, I’ll go with surfing & I’ll have to get back to you for the second one. [we love a modest person ;-)]