Sydney in particular has been severely affected by horrendous storms over the past month, with sadly more on the way. As the largest managing agents of properties right across the Northern Beaches we were handling endless repairs to damage caused to properties as a direct result of these storms. So many sad stories of loss & destruction, it was heartbreaking & emotional to see first-hand the damage caused to so many people’s homes.

We cannot express the importance of preparing your home, your property, yourself & your family for your own well-being, to eliminate potential damage & in some cases to save lives.

We urge you to read the following & consider these measures. These are not in order of priority:

In the event of a storm:-

  • Switch off & unplug sensitive electrical & electronic equipment such as TVs, computers, sound systems & DVDs. Homes DO get struck by lightning. I personally experienced this first hand. Surge protectors are a great idea!
  • Always keep the news readily available so you can be updated on the happenings around you.
  • Keep a torch & a supply of candles on hand for power failures. Power outages are VERY common during storms.
  • Do not open the fridge or freezer. Food will stay colder for longer if the doors are kept closed in the event of a power outage.
  • Prior to a storm coming, clean up outside. Even small items can become dangerous projectiles in a strong wind – not to mention the damage that heavier items could do to your windows or furniture!
  • Bring undercover or secure unsecured items like outdoor furniture, garden tools & children′s toys.  These can all become dangerous projectiles during a storm.
  • Never attempt to step, walk or drive into flood waters, ever!!!! Often these are far deeper than you realise.
  • Prior to a storm coming, trim your trees, you’d be surprised how much damage can be prevented to your home & belongings by removing overhanging branches, particularly old ones.  If the branches are difficult to reach or near powerlines you will need professional help.
  • Prepare supplies – important things to include are torches, a battery-powered radio, extra batteries, a first aid kit & any necessary medications – just in case of a prolonged power outage.
  • Charge your mobile phone – it′s common sense, but an easy thing to forget! Charge your phone & any other electronic equipment such as laptops or iPads before the storm.  That way, even if the power goes down you can still make calls. Situations change so quickly, so be prepared!
  • Stay inside unless the authorities tell you otherwise, the safest place for you to be during a storm is safe & sound in your home. Don’t go outside to take a look, you could be struck by lightning, falling trees/branches or debris.
  • Listen for announcements – keep your radio on & tuned to your local station so that you can hear all important information. This can change minute by minute.
  • Watch out for fallen power lines – after the storm, be careful when going outside.  Power lines may have been downed in the storm and they can still be deadly!!!
  • Check the amount of insurance coverage on your home & know who you are insured with. You would be shocked just how many people have no idea who they are insured with, what they are insured for & how much cover they have!!! When you need it, this information is critical!!! Those who have been in this situation are nodding their heads right now. Are you under-insured? Free calculators are available here:
  • Check that guttering & piping isn’t blocked & that your roof is in good condition…when a storm hits, it will be too late.
  • Prepare a room-by-room inventory & take pictures of the contents of the home. You won’t believe how useful this will be in the event you need it. This can help insurers speed up a claim caused by a storm in the event you ever need to make a claim.
  • Know where & how to safely turn off mains power, water, gas & solar power. So many people never actually know where this is!
  • Decide on the best strategy for protecting pets.

If you live in a flood-prone area

  • Store poisons & garden chemicals well above ground level.
  • Identify indoor items you’ll need to raise or empty if flood threatens.
  • Relocate power points well above previous flood levels.


Do not use portable generators in enclosed spaces. They produce carbon monoxide – a colourless & odourless gas that can cause incapacitation or death.


  • Always call 000
  • The SES 132 500
  • Call Novak Properties 8978 6888. If it is outside of normal business hours, follow the prompts on our 24 hour phone system for either a plumber or electrician. You can also nominate to contact a Property Manager. This service is monitored 24/7. Our Novak Properties Facebook page is also monitored 24/7. Leave a message & your details so that we may contact you.

WE WANT TO HELP….If you know of anyone who has been affected as a result of the Sydney Storms, we want to assist them…..please see how by clicking here:

Stay safe & together let’s help one another.

My best wishes to you,

Mark Novak

The Goss!
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